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Past Pumpkin Carvings!

It's PUMPKIN Season 2005!
The Image above shows several pumpkins I've carved over the years
Visit me at the Milford, NH Pumpkin Festival, details below!!

Click on the above image to visit my pumpkin carving pages!

Updated: Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jimmy "good toad" Flis welcomes you to his website. 2002 is almost over already!  I remember dreaming about the 21st century as a kid.  Other than computer advances, frankly it doesn't look quite as much like the Jetson's as I dreamt...

Things are coming along on this site. It's become quite large and detailed, although there are still many sections that I've yet to address (specifically my philosophy, laboratory and hotlinks).  But all of that will come, with time.

From pumpkin season to cardboard boat season, the fun just never ends!  And, sure enough, it's pumpkin season again!   Keep watch over my pumpkin pages as I will make every effort to create and update my 2002 pages as I carve the pumpkins.

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This year I will be the feature artist at the 2002 Milford, NH Pumpkin Festival (October 11, 12, 13).  I will spend all day Saturday and Sunday on the oval carving and displaying my creations.  I hope to have a nice collection to light on Saturday night during the annual pumpkin lighting.  Please join us for one of the most enjoyable local events available!

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I've also opened the doors on FlisKits, Inc., Model Rocket Kit company.   Please visit our website and discover the world of model rocketry!  You can also visit my personal rocketry pages under Hobbies.

I hope you have fun looking over the Photo Essay of the construction of the Independence as well as the photo album of last years race, the 2001 Cardboard Boat Festival!

Of special interest for my latest updates, please check out my Rocketry section under Hobbies and Crafts for a large photo album of model rocketry fun.

Over the next few months, I hope to expand this site to include information about my hobbies and leisure activities, my family, my thoughts on life, politics and religion. I will have an extensive links page containing site that I have found fun, useful and/or educational. I think you will find it to be a unique list as well as an interesting one.  As of May 16th, I have populated the Model Rocketry section as well as Pumpkins, Star Trek and Alaska.

I am very excited about this website! My goal is to simply have fun, learn new technologies about web development by applying them here, and to, perhaps, offer some interesting information to the web community.  I am always interested in feedback, suggestions and comments about this site.  Please feel free to contact me with the Feedback button below.

Have fun, and thanks for stopping by Toad's Tavern!

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