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Pumpkin Class - 2007

This short photo album shows you some of the pumpkin fun that we had this year.  Click on a thumbnail (small image) to see the full sized picture.  Click your BACK button to return to this page.  Have fun!

P1010284.JPG (66498 bytes) These first few photo's are of the kids drawing and carving their pumpkins using the techniques that I showed them.  
P1010285.JPG (72929 bytes) These kids learned very quickly and were carving a full day (week) earlier than I expected them too.
P1010286.JPG (79488 bytes) They also finished carving a full day quicker than expected.
P1010287.JPG (75309 bytes) Add to this, we had a very warm October we started to see pumpkins beginning to rot very quickly.
P1010288.JPG (87408 bytes) CHIN UP!  We got some new pumpkin, as needed, and the kids dove right in to do new carvings if their original pumpkin had rotted.
P1010289.JPG (73027 bytes) Some picked up the technique very quickly.  Some had to work at it a bit more but got it by the end.
P1010290.JPG (82020 bytes) It was nice to be able to spread out around the court yard and get comfortable as we carved.
P1010292.JPG (52002 bytes) Here are some of the results!  These kids should be proud of themselves.  They all did a great job!  This pumpkin was from a pattern.
P1010296.JPG (45009 bytes) This is an example of a free-hand pumpkin.  Simply wonderful!
P1010299.JPG (33235 bytes) Another pattern (sorry for the blur).  Truly shows that not all carved pumpkins have to be about ghouls and goblins!
P1010300.JPG (32185 bytes) The ultimate irony.  Carved pumpkins carved into a pumpkin!
P1010302.JPG (33876 bytes) Lizzie provides a personal touch to her "October" pumpkin
P1010304.JPG (40515 bytes) The owner of this pumpkin (I refrain from using names on this site) had done this pumpkin only to have it rot to ashes.  Undaunted, she redid this (better the second time) in ONE session!  Total free-hand and simply incredible.
P1010307.JPG (38095 bytes) Simple but effective, the sun and moon.  I love it!
P1010281.JPG (74094 bytes) Of all the rotted pumpkins, this one attracted the most attention.  It could not have rotted in a more ghoulish manner!  ick!
P1010280.JPG (69525 bytes) This is the pumpkin that I did for the Depot Farm Stand as a special thank you for their donations and price breaks for all the pumpkins we used in this class.  If you happen by the Depot Farm Stand this holiday season, be sure to thank them for all their help!

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