2008 Fall Session - Pumpkin Class - Peabody, MA

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I was contacted by Randy Weld about doing a short pumpkin class in Peabody, MA this season.  Randy is the former director of our Boys & Girls Club and has moved on, but remembers his contacts in the local area.  The session that Randy proposed would be two 2 1/2 hour session.

dsc01035.jpg (85493 bytes) A beautiful area of Peabody with the Fall colors and a crow to join us this fine day
dsc01036.jpg (22578 bytes) He sat there for the longest time too!
dsc01037.jpg (146435 bytes) Randy Weld and I got all the pumpkins selected and set out on the tables with tools and materials.  With only a total of 5 hours spread over 2 weeks we have our work cut out for us!
dsc01038.jpg (107265 bytes) After a quick lesson on how to transfer a pattern I offered them the opportunity to sketch their own ideas or to use a proved template.  Most everyone chose a template to use or modify so the drawing portion of this class went very fast.
dsc01039.jpg (116308 bytes) Hard at work transferring their patterns onto the pumpkins.
dsc01040.jpg (104717 bytes) These kids picked this up VERY quickly, allowing us to get and stay way ahead of schedule.
dsc01042.jpg (107050 bytes) We were even joined by a couple of Emu's as they watched us all work.
dsc01043.jpg (93875 bytes) Showing off her progress, she is near complete and ready to carve already!
dsc01044.jpg (83488 bytes) One of my favorite pumpkin subjects, the Scare Crow.  She is enjoying this class and is doing a great job on her pumpkin!
dsc01045.jpg (101502 bytes) As everyone finishes up drawing their pumpkins we realize that we will have plenty of time to begin carving today.
dsc01046.jpg (133627 bytes) A wide shot showing the class hard at work
dsc01047.jpg (108979 bytes) This boy shows how effectively he transferred the image of the husky to his pumpkin


dsc01048.jpg (113072 bytes) Here we see a student taking knife to pumpkin as we begin to carve.
dsc01049.jpg (96104 bytes) Everyone did a great job and got a lot done today.  That will make next week go much quicker as we gut and light them up.
dsc01050.jpg (97867 bytes) Finishing up with all the knife work, we will focus on wood chisels next week.
dsc01268.jpg (75919 bytes) On the last day of carving everyone is putting the finishing touches on their pumpkins. 
dsc01269.jpg (79711 bytes) Two tables full of budding master pumpkin carvers! 
dsc01270.jpg (67642 bytes) Nearing completion, we're just about ready to begin gutting and lighting these wonderful gourds.
dsc01271.jpg (79530 bytes) Finishing up on a very complex subject. 

Now let's light'em up!

dsc01272.jpg (81327 bytes) The kids line up with their finished pumpkins as a local reporter records their story 
dsc01273.jpg (71883 bytes) What a collection of the finest art in Peabody! 
dsc01274.jpg (77328 bytes) Taking a hint from the reporter,  I had each artist pose with their creation.  We had moved into the greenhouse after it had begun to rain.  So we were all warm and comfy while finishing our pumpkins.
dsc01275.jpg (21022 bytes) Lit, these are a sight to behold 
dsc01277.jpg (18436 bytes) Everyone a work of art! 
dsc01278.jpg (20624 bytes) It was truly amazing to see the quality of the work done given such an accelerated schedule!
dsc01279.jpg (26060 bytes) Close ups help to show the detail, but seeing them in person was the best
dsc01280.jpg (30805 bytes) This is the pumpkin that I carved for the farm as a thank you for letting us use their facility for this event. 
dsc01281.jpg (30921 bytes) A witch is a perfect Halloween theme.  Here she is with her crystal ball ready to conjure up SOMEthing nasty, to be sure!
dsc01282.jpg (42080 bytes) Pumpkins on a pumpkin.  I just love it! 
dsc01283.jpg (40722 bytes) A Siberian Husky head, showing that not all pumpkins need be Halloween themed to work and look beautiful! 

This concludes the Peabody Pumpkin Carving event.
Special thanks to the folks at Brooksby Farm for their generosity.
Also, thank you to Randy Weld for inviting me to meet all of these future artists!
Thank you also to all the hard work these kids put into their pumpkins!

See you next year!

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