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2008 Fall Session

We have several photo essays here.  These will be filled in as the weeks progress and we approach our 7th week at the end of October.  I hope to have a similar album for other sessions throughout the year, so keep watch.  Click on the thumbnail image to go to that particular photo album.  If you are the parent or guardian of any children shown here and would like a full size copy of the photo, just send me an email at jim@jflis.com



P1010074.JPG (63403 bytes) Fishing Class: Not just "going fishing", but rather learning "How To" fish.  My largest class, we learn how to fish as we explore the local waterways in and around Merrimack, NH

New pictures as of 27-October!

DSC00839.JPG (55750 bytes) Survivor: Just like the T.V. show, only with an educational twist!  See these kids explore and solve challenges while earning points towards the grand prize!

New pictures as of 27-October!


DSC00938.JPG (63723 bytes) Flight Club: Each week we explore a new flying machine that can be made and flown in 45 minutes.  Check out our budding aerospace engineers!
P1010280.JPG (69525 bytes) Pumpkin Carving Merrimack: See how my kids learn a new and exciting way to carve pumpkins in Merrimack.


00DSC01026.JPG (50380 bytes) Pumpkin Carving Litchfield: Just like the Merrimack class, only across the river in Litchfield.


DSC00851.JPG (88525 bytes) Model Rocketry, Beginner and Advanced: Check it out as these youngsters build their first model rocket (beginner class) and even some more complex vehicles (advanced class).  We then go out and fly them!  

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