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2009/2010 Last Session

We have several photo essays here.  These will be filled in as the weeks progress and we approach our last week at the end of June.  Click on the thumbnail image to go to that particular photo album.  If you are the parent or guardian of any children shown here and would like a full size copy of the photo, just send me an email at jim@jflis.com


dsc07354.jpg (132890 bytes) Beginner Rocketry: This session we built the Lil' Guy followed by the Bulls Eye.  The Lil' Guy is a short stubby rocket, on the small size, that requires the kids cut their own fins.  The Bulls Eye is a new (yet to be released) kit that is also short and stubby, but much larger and incorporates a tail ring.  The fins are laser cut and the assembly is very easy.


0602101621.jpg (278325 bytes) Cardboard Boat: Here we design and build full size boats made from corrugated cardboard.  We decorate and paint them and then the kids (in teams) get into their boats and paddle them around a short course on a local lake for prizes and summer time fun!


dsc07287.jpg (80547 bytes) Advanced Roller Coaster Design Litchfield: Having given this group the roller coaster class twice, they were looking for something a little more challenging along the same lines.  For this class their goal is to find mechanical ways to get balls moving along different tracks, using the energy of a different ball on a different track to get it all going.
dsc07569.jpg (146677 bytes) Flight Club Litchfield: Always a favorite, we build different things each week that fly!


dsc07417.jpg (57075 bytes) Model Rocketry Advanced: This last session focuses on multi-staging.  However, having only small fields to fly in, we are also focusing on saucer models.  So, their first build was the Pheord X150 redneck pick-up saucer with a custom 13mm saucer on top.  That is followed by the Frick-n-Frack 2-stage saucer.  

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