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Check out our visit to Schroon Lake, New York!

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My mom and brothers and sisters, old and new!I come from a large, diverse family.  I grew up as #7 of 8.  The photo to the left shows two views of my family, one from the 60's and one from the 80's.  Left to right (Back row), we have Monica, Susan, Robert, Mom, Beverly.  Bottom row, front we have Kathy in Theresa's lap, me (Jim) and Joey.  My father was taking the picture...  There is that noticable difference in the newer picture.  Monica passed away befor we could take the new picture.  That space to the left of Sue serves as a reminder (at least for me).  Since that photo was taken, my brother Bob has also passed away, leaving six.

This page will contain information about this family, as well as my immediate family (Kathy, Joe & Jen).  I will also have an area on what I call my Extended Family.  Our relationships 'Down-Under' and the discovery that doubled our family in a flash.

I will also have an area devoted to friends.   They are so much a part of my life, they seem like family and what better place to include them, but here.  For now, all I have to offer are two links.  One to my sister Kathy's website and the other to the website of my lifelong friend, Jim Meyer (Big Jim!).

Happy surfing!

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