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Sunset, Soldotna, Alaska, July, 1997, 11:30 p.m.

Fritz relaxing by the fire after a long day of fishing.
doveani.gif (38556 bytes)Dearest Fritz,
I mourn our loss while rejoicing in the memory of you.  I cherish the gifts you have left me with

Your marvelous, often horrific stories of a life I could not imagine, were it not for your willingness to share and your gift at story telling.  Your guidance and wisdom when I would ask your opinion on something that was bothering me.  Your patience and consideration when disagreeing with me.  Your perseverance and commitment when setting to a task you've promised to do.

All of these nurtured the respect and love my family and I hold so dear.   Yet, even all of this pales in comparison to, what is for me, your greatest gift of all.

You made my mother happy again.

You grew weak of body as you grew long in years.  Yet this weakness was but a falsehood, belying the strength within.  A strength of commitment, of love and of sharing.  Thank you for choosing my mother as the focus of this strength, as I am sure you thank God that she chose you.

I choose to remember you as the quiet, confident man, relaxing by the fire with a book of good adventure.  Sharing the sunset with friends and loved ones, knowing that it is not necessary to break the silence with cumbersome chatter.

I love you and will miss you terribly.




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