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Scott with his modified Mystic model rocket

Tony's rocket display!

Lots of rocketeers with lots of rockets, many of them of the FlisKits variaty!

A Triskelion takes to the air!

Looks as good coming down as it did going up!

Kathy relaxes at our booth during a quiet time.

A spinner type rocket FAST off the pad.  Surprised I captured this!

This Rhino flew a few times.  Wonderful!

Several friends checking out the business end of a Deuce's Wild!

Shark rocket launched a couple of times...  exciting, if not arrow straight flights... :)

This Lil' Guy saw a lot of air time today!

Wonderful flight, up and back!

WOOSH! Love the many varied rockets we see at our launches!

Based on the parachute, I will assume this was Tony's bird.

The Shadow Lord punched a good hole in the clouds!

This Deuce saw lots of flights, but several mis-fires too.  Here she goes on a single motor!

We even got a Pheord X150 kick started!

Great small field rocket!

Scott's "Tin Man", a modified A.C.M.E. Spitfire with a 24mm Deuce motor mount!

And Claude wowed the crowd with flights of his modified dooDad to carry up a pair of colorful streamers!

This was a fun flight and a delight for all!  Thanks Claude!

Another shot of Tony's setup with a few new rockets on display

There goes that Deuce again!

Damn near missed this little beast!

Naw, he isn't saluting... The sun is just now breaking through the clouds.

Up goes the S.P.A.D. on a beautiful flight!  We miss ya, Bill!

Simply beautiful!

There goes that Lil' Guy again! Love it!

Ok, several shots of the 9-way Frick-n-Frack drag race (a staple of CMASS launches!)

Gaining altitude, 7 of the 9 made it off the pads.  The remaining two will be launched after iginters are replaced

Moments before staging, it looks as though two are colliding, but that's just a trick of the camera angle.  There were rocket parts EVERYwhere! It was great!

Another S.P.A.D. lights up the sky!

And there goes that Lil' Guy again!  Man, you'd think this fella was pounding for the "fly the most FlisKits" prize or something... :)

A S.P.A.D. on her maiden flight!

Yep, she's a beaut!

Claude wows the crowd again with a 2-stage Decaffeinator.  Interesting flight there, Claude :)

And here we have a Tiberius giving us a show!  What a beautiful flight profile, against the gray sky!

By contrast, the Thunderbird has a most frightening profile!

One of the few Micro to the MAXX birds flown today, the Dead Ringer puts on a great show!

Hard to catch these little micro's in flight, that's for sure!

Saturn V ready for flight!

And WHAT a flight!

A beautiful bird, to say the least!

Another A.C.M.E. Spitfire takes to the air!

Perfect flight!

We had the pleasure of a drag race of UFFO's with streamers!  Claude's is in the foreground while mine is disassembling itself in the background...

And THERE she goes!  As Claude's begins to gain altitude...  Hey, at least I got first off the pad!

Now Claude's UFFO hides the morbid destruction of mine...

And proceeds to put in a fantastic flight, to the delight of all!

In this photo you can see the smoke trail made by the fuel core of the E9 that cato'ed in my UFFO

Arching over nicely, the UFFO makes for a very gentle landing

And proceeds to drape itself right over the FlisKits booth!

Next up, the Deuce's Wild with BOTH motors burning!

Lookit her go!

Followed by a Long OverDue!

She does look sweet in the air!

And we had a second Tiberius show his colors!

He's so pretty!

Here we go!  Those final two Frick-n-Frack's give us a show after all!

As does Tony's Tri-Star with a 13mm Tres motor mount!


There ya go!  The Nantucket Sound elevates to keep our shores safe!

Man, I love this design!

There goes the Deuce again!

Claude's two stage Thing-a-ma-Jig put in a great flight!

And we even got to see a Bull's Eye give us a show!

Nice flight, up and back!

Oh man, Boris' Toginator tore up the sky!

This is why we do clusters!  You can do THAT with one motor.

Simply awesome!

Beautiful bird takes to the air!

Mom helps the kids get their dooDad hooked up!

There goes Tony's K'TNG'A, with Tony in the background taking pix!

Up goes the dooDad for a perfect flight!

Oh! We got to see a Decim8 turn in a beautiful flight!  Lovely!

And another Frick-n-Frack!  Has this model become the mascot of CMASS?

Bob's upscale Midnight Express (free rocket from FlisKits) with a 13mm Deuce motor mount!

Almost missed it, but a shot of the Night Whisper gaining altitude!

And a MIRA (Tony's) puts in a picture perfect flight!

Now THERE's the classic Deuce's Wild smoke trail!

Of course, with separation you have to wait a LONG time to get your nose cone back...

Off goes an upscale Corona on the HPR pads!

A foam-core X-15 R/C R/G gets a slow, steady boost

Looks incredible in the air!

like the real thing!

Claude gives us a second thrill with the streamer pulling dooDad!
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