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Star Trek
Welcome to my hobbies page!

Join me in an exploration of some of my favorite hobbies.  I've been involved in Model Rocketry for over 34 years and have much to share on that topic.  I've included stories, events and plans that represents my long history with this hobby.

Astronomy is one of my great loves, however I've never gotten the chance to spend the amount of time I would like to, on the subject.   I own a small scope and am very well read on the subject, but am still learning.

I also dabble in photography.  I enjoy the art and practice when I can.  Over the years, I've taken some shots that I am proud of.  I've experimented with 35mm (high and low speed, B/W, Stellar pictures, macro and some special effects) and with my digital camera (Olympus C2020Z).  A lot of fun, and always something new to learn!

Pumpkins carving has taken on a whole new meaning for me over the past 6 years with some very creative designs employing a unique carving method. Check it out!

I only have a couple of years (e.g.: 2 Easter's worth) of egg decorating in the Ukrainian style (wax stylus and dyes), but I am in love with the art form and the medium!  I also hope to experiment with carving egg shells in the near future.

I am also an avid model builder including plastic models (mostly SciFi and sailing ships) and diorama's (designs of my own).   Just something about creating the world in miniature.

AAaahhhh, Star Trek.  I've been a fan since the very first episode.  Even at age 10, I prayed for something more sophisticated than Lost in Space.  I've designed and built my own models, submitted a script and was offered a job (which I had to decline...) to create the floor plan drawings for the Enterprise D (Captain Picard's ship).

I enjoy woodworking, in the same manner that I enjoy fishing.  It's an escape for me.  I can relax and loose myself in my construction as I cut, shape and sand the wood.  While my woodworking skills need fine tuning, my designs are very pleasing to me and add a nice touch to our furnishings.

Then there is poetry.  I like to read and to write.  Sometimes prose, sometimes verse, always from deep within.  I collect many works from amateur poets and have found many poems to help me understand this complex world in which we live.

Enjoy your visit to my Hobby page.  Come back soon to see what's been added since your last visit!

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