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pump02.gif (2155 bytes) Additional Pumpkins 1997 & 1998 pump02.gif (2155 bytes)

NOTE: These pictures are not of the highest quality.  It is not easy snapping a picture of a bright pumpkin in a dark room and get the focus/exposure proper.  I now have a digital camera and can experiment more (without wasting film) and can look at the results and retake them as opposed to getting the film back long after the pumpkin has rotted... *S*  Also, all of the images below have been further optimized for quicker loading on your browser.

I hope you enjoy this new addition.   Look for photo's of my 1999 pumpkins this November!

Name File Size Description
Applebee's Grill & Bar (Unlit) 17KB Logo (commercial) carving for a local resturaunt
Applebee's Grill & Bar (Lit) 19KB Lit version of above
Bier Haus (Lit) 23KB Logo carving for a local bar
Chugger's (Lit) 14KB Logo carving for a local bar
Dragon (Unlit) 20KB Personal carving of a dragon.  This dragon was created by my sister Kathy in a water color she did for me.  A wonderful image and one that has graced a few of my pumpkins. (Thanx Kathy!)
Dragon (Lit) 13KB Lit version of above
Funny Face 16KB Personal carving (conventional) showing a very expressive face
Farmer Brown 35KB My first carving of Farmer Brown carving a pumpkin for the kids (on the back of the Scary Face pumpkin)  (same design as that show above, with the Grimm Reaper)
Harley Davidson 12KB Logo carving for Harley Davidson Motor Cycles for a Halloween party they held in the Laconia area. (while hard to see, that's the mummy and skeleton with top-hat and cane, doing the softshoe... *S*
Nude (Unlit) 15KB Logo carving of a nude woman looking up for a local gentlemans club
Nude (Lit) 14KB Lit version of above
Scary face #1 (Unlit) 38KB Personal carving.  A trademark pumpkin highlighting sinister eyes, vicious fanged mouth, intricate scroll work.  Note the spider on his left cheek.
Scary face #1 (Lit) 18KB Lit version of above
Spider web 35KB Side view of the Scary face #1 pumpkin, showing the spider's web (you can *just* see the beginning of the Farmer Brown scene on the back of this pumpkin.
Scary face #2 (Lit) 13KB Another trademark design.  different eye design.  I tried using black marker to bring out the fangs. It seems to work well.   Note the two bats on either side of his nose (noses are the hardest aspect for me to come up with. I haven't done a nose yet, that I'm happy with)
Scary face #3 (Unlit) 21KB Yet another tradmark pumpkin.  my favorite eyes to day. still don't like the nose... *S*
Scary face #3 (Lit) 15KB Lit version of above.  Note the dark spot on his cheek.  This is the beginning of a rot spot.  There was no indication of this (softness, or anything) until I first lit it and noticed the darkness (indicating trapped moisture)
Speaker's Corner (Lit) 19KB Logo carving for a local resturaunt/pub

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