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LAST UPDATED 29-November-1999

NOTE: I'm getting better at photographing these things...  

Well, folks, this is it!  I've added 4 new pumpkins at the end of this page.  3 of my own and one of my daughter's (Jennifer).  Some wonderful pumpkins, if I do say so, myself... *S*

I also got to spend the day at the Milford, New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival!  A great day, great fun and a permanent part of my October activities!  Here is a short photo album of my day in Milford.

This closes my pumpkin carving activity for the year.  Next year will, no doubt bring about many new ideas for pumpkin carving and I may find the time to explore more with watermelons and other fruits and vegetables.   I am also looking into a very grand project for the Keen pumpkin fest.  Stay tuned!

NOTE: File sizes range from 15KB - 40KB Lit pumpkin pictures are about half the size of Unlit pumpkin pictures.

Thumbnail Description
t9008.jpg (3435 bytes) The first 5 images are some earlier pumpkins from last year that I neglected to post.  I'm placing them on this page for the time being.

This is my Daughter Jen's second try at carving pumpkins like her daddy.  She is doing a wonderful job and seems to love it as much as her dad.  This is John Lennon, UNLIT.

t9009.jpg (1215 bytes) Here is John Lennon, LIT
tsh001.jpg (3346 bytes) Here is an example of a watermelon carved into a fruit bowl for a friend at work.
tsh002.jpg (2689 bytes) Another view of the same watermelon.  Easier to see the image of the mother holding her baby.  This was for a baby shower.
tsh003.jpg (3351 bytes) Rear view of the baby shower melon, showing the building blocks I carved in the back.
tship.jpg (2833 bytes) Tall Ship.  Highly detailed carving of a 3 masted tall ship.  This picture doesn't show all of the detail that is there.   From the standing and running rigging to the blocks & tackle, masts and folded sails. Beautiful!  I do not have an unlit version of this pumpkin.
tfriend.jpg (1971 bytes)  tdresden.jpg (1745 bytes)
UNLIT                          UNLIT

This was my first attempt to carve quilting patterns.  On the left is a Friendship Star pattern and on the right is a Dresden Plate.  Both came out beautifully, but the pumpkin began to rot as I was carving it and had to be disposed of before I was able to give it to a quilting friend I had carved it for.  I WILL carve quilts again.   This was a very enjoyable pumpkin.

tbeat1of.jpg (3025 bytes) Jennifer's newst attempt for 1999.  The beatles, circa 1968, UNLIT
tbeat1on.jpg (1754 bytes) Beatles, LIT
tharv1of.jpg (2887 bytes) My first pumpkin of 1999 (two sided).  This side shows the logo (font) of a local music shop (Harvey's Music).  I added the guitar and musical notes. UNLIT
tharv1on.jpg (2939 bytes) Harvey's pumpkin, LIT
tjim1off.jpg (3073 bytes) Reverse side of the above pumpkin showing Jimi Hendrix.  I am very proud of this pumpkin.  UNLIT
tjim1on.jpg (2065 bytes) Jimi Hendrix, LIT
ttops_l.jpg (1982 bytes) TOPS pumpkin.  I carved this pumpkin as a gift for a member of my weight loss group (TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly).  This was given to the member with the greatest weight loss of the quarter.  Congratulations, Jeanette!  The images to the right is the lit version, here is the UNLIT version.
tgaz_l.jpg (2459 bytes)  tfest_l.jpg (2434 bytes)  tscare_l.jpg (2332 bytes)
UNLIT                           UNLIT                           UNLIT

With the upcoming Great Pumpkin Festival in Milford, New Hampshire just around the corner, I went searching for a suitable design for a pumpkin for this, first ever, public display of my pumpkins.  (I also displayed Jimi Hendrix and Woman (below))  In my searching I happened upon the home page for the Great Pumpkin Festival and discovered that they had a wonderful graphic design for thier page that would look great on a pumpkin.  While this was a nice design, something was still missing.  The bandstand on the oval in the center of town!  This is the location of the pumpkin fest and is an icon within the town.   So I quickly drove into town and snaped a picture of the bandstand so that I would have something to work from for the pumpkin.   You can see all 3 designs from left to right, th bandstand, pumpkin fest logo and a cute scarecrow I also found on the site.  The Unlit versions can be viewed by clicking on the word UNLIT below the thumbnails.

twoman_l.jpg (2824 bytes) This pumkin is entitled: WOMAN.   The work was inspired from a piece of artwork I discovered on the web.  About 2 years ago, after discovering this work, I sought and received the artists permission to render it on a pumpkin and was proud to do so.  While I have a copy of the original work, I do NOT have permission to post it.  I hope to be able to locate the url to the original soon and will post it's location here.  UNLIT
taero_l.jpg (2373 bytes) Jennifer's second pumpkin of the year.  As you can see, we both have a slant towards musical groups this year.  That's mainly because we're taking guitar lessons together, I think.  UNLIT, this pumpkin is still impressive.  Jennifer is enjoying this new form of expression and has the skill.
tzoso_l.jpg (2415 bytes)     twater_l.jpg (2285 bytes)
UNLIT                      UNLIT
This pumpkin was carved for my guitar instructor Matt.  Being into music, I looked around for a suitable choice of artwork to render and came across the back cover of Led Zeppelin's Zoso album.  I thought it came out quite nicely.   As you should also know by now, I often carve multiple images on one pumpkin.   In conversation, I learned that Matt is also a whitewater rafting guide, hence the etching on the back of this same pumpkin.
tlite_l.jpg (2143 bytes)     tlake_l.jpg (1929 bytes)    tluv_l.jpg (2438 bytes)
UNLIT                           UNLIT                           UNLIT

Being in love with New England I can't resist images of lakes, light houses and lovers, all in very high abundance throughout the area.  This pumpkin is my tribute to all that IS New England.   There is no doubt that I will be carving other pumpkins highlighting other wonders and beauty of this area.
ttfia_l.jpg (3015 bytes)
Trout Fishing in America! My family was turned on to this unique folk duo several years ago and have enjoyed their music, through their recordings ever since.  We finally had the chance to see them perform at a small, informal venue in Haverhill, Ma this past year.  We had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Keith and Ezra befor and after the concert.   A most enjoyable time! I encourage everyone who enjoys *good* music, in a variety of styles (especially their childrens music) to make a point of getting to know the performing magic of Trout Fishing in America (TFIA).  The imaginative characters from their albums was the insparation for Jennifer's carving.

Keith and Ezra, Thank you for your music and warmth.

tspidr_l.jpg (2569 bytes)        tspidr_1.jpg (3549 bytes)
Unlit                                   Unlit

Always on the search for new and exciting topics for my pumpkins, I could not resist this spider.   The addition of the fly was Jennifer's idea, and it helped complete this work.   The image on the left is the full pumpkin and the image onthe right is a closeup showing additional detail of the fly and head of the spider.

tdrag02.jpg (3219 bytes)          tdrag_03.jpg (3626 bytes)

Another wonderful image to depict on a pumpkin.  this dragon, contemplating what must be important dragon matters, rendered very nicely and made for a wonderful gift!  The image on the left is the full pumpkin and the image on the right is a close up showing additional detail.

tharvest.jpg (2920 bytes)
This image is titled Harvest Moon, a work done by Justyne Ayers (as inspired by the front cover of Witchblade #10) and was rendered on a pumpkin with permission of the artist.  This artwork has a most wonderous mood to it, just perfect for this type of medium.  I intend to do this design again, next year, and hope to better capture the depth of the original work.  Thank you Justyne.

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