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LAST UPDATED 4-December-2000

Like any year, I have pumpkins that I am very proud of and others that are just "ok".  But each one reflects things that I enjoy or images that I wish to convey.  Most of my pumpkin designs I derive from clipart, artwork or photos that strike my fancy.  There is much that is either free-handed or created with graphic tools that I use on the computer.

The Milford Pumpikin Festival and Keene Pumpkin festival were big hits this year.  I even have a short photo essay of the Keene event.   It was brutally cold this year, and Jen and I suffered through the day, carving pumpkins after warming our hands up enough to be able to hold the chisels.  Jen has become quiet the skilled carver over the years, as this years pumkins attest.

This year, I've grouped the photo albums into three groups:

I hope you continue to enjoy these short tours into my pumpkin carving fun!  See you next year!

NOTE: File sizes range from 15KB - 40KB Lit pumpkin pictures are about half the size of Unlit pumpkin pictures.

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