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Pumpkins 2001

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LAST UPDATED 11/14/2001

2001 was a banner pumpkin year.  I am going to be actively updating this page.  For now, all I wanted to do was to throw these pumpkins up on my site as so many people are looking to see them.

This year, I was approached by good friend Bob L'Heureux (founder of our cardboard boat race, here in Merrimack, and host of "Out Doors with Bob", on our local cable TV channel 22).  I had suggested to Bob that pumpkin carving would make a good topic for an October show.  Well, to make a long story short, this snowballed into a 90 minute special on my pumpkin carving that is being shown 3 times a day for the week before halloween!

Shortly after filming that and seeing its first airing, I received a phone call from our local channel 9 news (WMUR).  They had seen my pumpkins at the 2001 Milford Pumpkin Festival and wanted to feature me on their news program.  I didn't have any pumpkins, but assured them that I would have some by Sunday, for them to film.  From Friday night till Sunday morning I was carving (as was Jennifer) and we produced 4 pumpkins.  The 3 that I did served as gifts for close friends of mine.

Well, I no sooner get that all set up, carve my last pumpkin (and comment to my wife (Kathy) that I'm kinda glad that pumpkin season is over), that I receive a call from Nashua channel 13.  They heard about my carvings and want me to do a 30 minute LIVE broadcast on halloween night.  After more than a decade, it seems everyone has heard of me! *S*  needless to say, I'm thrilled *S*

As a result of all this exposure, I've been receiving mail about my 2001 pumpkin pictures on this website.  I haven't had time to put together a real pretty page, but figured it was more important to get these images up for viewing.

So, here they are *S*  I've broken these photo albums into 3 parts and have included thumbnails and descriptions of them.   Enjoy! and keep watch through the rest of this season as I add pumpkins to this photo album.

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