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  pump02.gif (2155 bytes)   Pumpkins by Jimmy Good Toad!

This page contains a mix of thumbnails and/or picture descriptions.  Click on the thumb or description, as appropriate, to see a full size image.  Most images are in the 35-55KB range, so they don't take too long to download.  The set of 10 thumbs, directly below, represents my most elaborate and speyes.gif (457 bytes)ky pumpkin to date.  Carved in November, 1997, this pumpkin took about 25 hours to complete (sketching the design, carving, cleaning and preparing for lighting).  This is a single pumpkin, with 5 scenes carved into the skin.  The top row of thumbs shows the 5 scenes unlit, the bottom row of thumbs show the same scenes lit.  And, of course, a picture of me in my Grim Reaper costume!

Farmer Brown Farmers House Grim Reaper His Castle His Master

This next pumpkin is an example of a commercial work, designed for a local theater company, the American Stage Festival.  You can view this pumpkin Un-Lit and Lit.

I have also done pumpkins for private individuals, as gifts and such.  Here is an example of a pumpkin for a lucky husband.   Again, you can view it Un-Lit and Lit.

I even experimented, quite successfully, with portraits with this medium.  Here is an example of a carving I did of my brother Joey.  I sketched his image on the pumpkin and used different thickness' of pumpkin skin and pumpkin meat to get the shading that I wanted.  I am quite proud of this pumpkin!

I recently (Aug, 1999) found several pictures of other pumpkins I've done.  I am posting them on a separate page (sorry, no thumbnails).  And I've begun to post my 1999 pumpkins as well.

Return to my pumpkin page for links to these new pages!

I hope you enjoy this new addition.   Look for photo's of my 1999 pumpkins this November!

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