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Model Rocketry
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Welcome to my Rocketry page!

I first became involved in Model Rocketry in 1964.  As many of my friends in model rocketry, I began with kits and then progressed on to my own designs, using basic model rocketry materials such as balsa wood nose cones and cardboard body tubes.  As my experience grew, so did my use of more exotic materials and design concepts.  Much of this will be explored in these pages, over time.

My long-term, serious commitment to this hobby has afforded me the opportunity to meet many of the giants of this hobby, such as Vern Estes, Mary Roberts, G. Harry Stein, Arthur Rose, just to name a few.  These fine model enthusiasts have taught me much over the years.  This section of my website serves as a "Thank You" too all of them.  I'd also like to take a moment to say hi to special friends in rocketry! Len Fehskins, Arnie Paye, Brian McCarthy, Gary Hughes, Sid Maxwell, Dick Nelson (Pearl River fame), and many more (I'll have to update this list often, I know that!!)
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From this page, you will find links to some of my designs, my experiences, trials and tribulations.  I've included a small photo essay showing some of the fun I've had over the years too!  This photo essay will be updated from time to time to show a wide variety of photo's (far too many to post the entire collection!)

As with all of my pages, I encourage feedback and comments.  What would you like to see here?  One possibility that I have considered is a forum to discuss the hobby and new ideas that folks have come up with.  I will keep the site posted on that possibility!

Over the coming months, I hope to be able to delve into my interest in, what has come to be know as, Glandular Condition model rockets.   I don't know if I was the first, but since the late '60's, I've taken to creating scaled up and scaled down versions of popular Estes model rockets.  From my 3:1 scaled up Orbital Transport and Maxi Mars Lander to my 1:1600 scale Saturn V (that's right, less than 1/4" thick and about 2.5" tall - and it really flies!)   We'll have a look at competition, Plastic Model Conversions (PMC), Cluster techniques, Multi-Staging, photography, active payloads and a host of other interesting directions that this hobby can take.  Heck, this is what has kept me so interested for so very long!

Sit back, enjoy and have fun exploring my version of the world of model rocketry!  Come back often and find out what new (and what's old too!) in this fund and exciting activity!

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