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Welcome to my Rocketry Photo Album!

This page is the lead in to my photo albums.  At this time I have about 8 albums.  These are listed primarily based on the rocket featured (like the Grissom, Scout, etc), while some are more topic related.   One is listed as miscellaneous and is just that...   ...a collection of random photos that I found that I thought would be fun for others to view.

Some of these photo's feature folks who I met in my travels with model rocketry.  So many years, so many events.  I am hoping that I can find photo's relating specifically to special events such as Perl River, NEMROC, WUBBA and more.  If I do, then my albums will grow.

This spring also looks to be promising for my model rocket endeavors and I hope to be able to add more recent photographs to these pages.
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If you have any photos from the Perl River conventions that I attended or any of the NEMROC conventions that you would like posted, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do to add them to these pages.

That said, have fun with the pictures!

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