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  Welcome to my Star Trek page!

1701b.gif (2207 bytes)I have been a Star Trek fan since the very first episode!  I was thrilled to have a more sophisticated answer to Lost in Space (Sorry, I just was never a big fan of that show).  I watched every episode, I was dissappointed in the 3rd season, and I was crushed when it was cancelled.   I can not describe my feelings when I first heard about the first Star Trek movie.   And, while I agree that it was not the best movie ever, I went to see it, not for the story, but to see the crew and the ship again.  I was not disappointed!  For that reason, the first movie still holds special magic for me.

stlogo.gif (1707 bytes)Without question, my favorite movie is the Wrath of Kahn.  The story was griping, the special FX great and the concept enjoyable.  They could not have picked a better way to format a movie plot than to pull from one of the best original series episodes.

I will be expanding this site as time permits.  I invite folks to email me comments and ideas about these pages.  I hope to start, or link to, a forum on the subject so that we can talk about it some more (as if there isn't enough Trek stuff out on the net already!)

I expect these pages to grow with information, links and adventures.  For now, all I have to offer are some CAD/CAM drawing that I did many years ago as a way of learning the Unigraphics tools.  These files are PDF, so you will need Acrobat Reader to view.

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