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alaska2.jpg (15954 bytes) Welcome to my Alaska Adventure page!

My 1997 journal is now complete! Check it out, below!

Alaska.  What can I say?

My sister, Beverly, moved to Alaska when I was just a young boy.  In most every phone call and during every visit, she made a point of asking us to come to Alaska for a visit (or to live, even!).  Over the years, everyone in my family took advantage of her invitation and visited Alaska.  Some liked it, some tolerated it, all returned to their homes and their responsibilities.  I never went.

alaska_anim1.gif (56391 bytes) Being an avid fisherman, Beverly kept at me, offering me time at their camp on the Kenia river and a berth on their commercial fishing boat, the Harlequin.  I always had a good reason to refuse.  I couldn't afford it, I was busy, we had plans for a different vacation, etc, etc, etc...  I finally relented (I mean, she was never going to stop pestering me unless I agreed!) and we planned our first trip in 1995.

Thank you, Beverly, for pestering me.  Were it not for you keeping at me, I never would have taken that first trip to the top of the world!   Nor would I have taken the second trip in 1997...   ...nor would I be planning my third trip...

Hell, I'm addicted!

These pages highlight my first two trips and discuss my hopes for my third.  I've broken this up into 3 areas, as seen below.  You can also explore more of Alaska via the links that I provide on the Links:Leisure:Alaska page, available below.  Explore the worlds greatest fishing, mountains that reach nearly to space, clean, crisp air, wildlife that will make you redefine wildlife!   Also, know this, There's Gold In Them Thar Hills!

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