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alaska2.jpg (15954 bytes) Welcome to my 1995 Alaska Adventure!

This adventure is in the form of a journal of this trip.   Hyperlinked words (those that are underlined and in a different color) will lead you to photographs related to what you are reading.  Links in BOLD text are about 100KB - 150KB in size, all other links are about 35KB - 50KB in size.  When you click on them, the pictures will appear in a separate window so that you can continue reading while, and after, the picture has loaded.

This trip actually began in October of 1994, when we had decided that we were going to accept Bev's invitation to visit Alaska.  Kathy decided that she needed to spend some time with her mother (who had taken ill) and that she wanted to go to Florida while we (The kids and I) went to Alaska. alaska_anim1.gif (56391 bytes)

So, that is what we planned.  However, we were met with a quandry right off the bat.  Beverly had assured us that there would be some great airline deals coming up soon and that we could take advantage of them.  Sure enough, she found tickets at $500 a piece, round trip!  The catch was, we had to buy 4 tickets...  That left us with one ticket extra.  It didn't take long to decide who we wanted to join us and I quickly got on the phone to my long time friend, Jim Meyer.

Jim was, to say the least, speechless.  He had to check into some details (schedule, money, etc), but he quickly accepted our offer and the planning began...

[This journal will be completed sometime soon... The handwritten journal is being transcribed at this time!  This journal will include the major problems with our tickets, the phenominal King salmon and Red salmon fishing, the mountain climbs, gold mines, 3 days on Prince William Sound and much much more!]

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