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Welcome to my 1997 Alaska Adventure!


This adventure is in the form of a journal I kept, day to day, of this trip. This is my second trip to Alaska.  I also have a journal of my 1995 trip and hope to have that journal uploaded sometime soon.  The only reason I did the 1997 trip first is that I had lost my 1995 journal.  I've since found it, so it will be coming soon (I hope :-), it only took 2 years to get this journal entered!

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This journal includes the major problems with our trip, commercial halibut fishing, the phenomenal King salmon and Red salmon fishing, the mountain climbs, gold mines, being trapped on Prince William Sound and much much more!

The text of this journal is an exact reproduction of my handwritten journal.  This journal was written as it all happened, and still fresh in my memory.  Sometimes the entries were long and detailed, spanning several pages of my journal for a single day.  Other times, they were short and concise, an entire day spanning a single paragraph.  My hope was to capture the feel of the trip so that I could truly relive the adventure, getting a better feel for the emotion of the moment than a simple photo album could convey. 

In creating this journal, entries were made during quiet interludes, by the river or at the dinner table.  Sometimes, though, they were made on the boat, on our way to fish, or while crashing whitecaps on the Sound, and late at night, before bed.  I made no attempt to correct grammar, and little attempt to correct spelling, as I wanted this to read true, as it was written.

I've also decided to include the photos by use of thumbnails (miniature versions of the pictures).  As you read, and come to a thumbnailed image, you can click on the thumbnail to see a full sized version of the picture.  Bolded text, near the picture, helps to put the picture in context. By popular request, the image will load in this window. Click on the RETURN button, at the bottom of each picture to return to the journal.

There are a total of 6 sections to this journal.  You can link to any one of them from the list below.  Also, the end of each section will lead you onto the next.  Thank you for stopping by to read this journal.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

NOTE: Each of the 4 parts takes about 1 minute to fully load (at 56KBps, 2 minutes at 28KBps) and the photo albums take about 30-40 seconds, so please allow enough time for them to load.

  1. Part 1: The beginning of our trip including Commercial Halibut fishing
  2. Part 2: King Salmon fishing in Soldotna and our trip to Homer Alaska
  3. Part 3: Remainder of our King Salmon fishing
  4. Part 4: Denali National Park and Hatcher Pass (Gold mines)
  5. Photo Album Part 1 (These photo albums contain pictures that are worth a look but were not described in the journal that I wrote, hence the separate area.)
  6. Photo Album Part 2


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