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The Boats!
Photo essay of boats entered into the 2001 Merrimack Library Cardboard Boat Festival!

So, just what DOES a cardboard boat look like?  Would you beleive, a Kayak?   A Riverboat? A Lobster boat?  Well, of course you would!  How about a Guitar?  VW Beetle?  Starship?  Well!  Add to that list dragons, sharks and many more and you have an idea of what a cardboard boat race, at least in Merrimack, NH, is all about!

This is my 4th (out of 6) years that I've been involved in this race.  My first year I was here as a participant.   My second year as an excited participant, with a much more involved boat.   Last year I volunteered to help with the days activities and this year I was co-hort in crime with Pat Heinrich, having taken over the load from Bruce and Sue Luhrs (how DID you two do this?? man, I am tired today...) 

In the photo's below, I tried to capture every boat, with its crew when I could.  If I missed a boat, I am sorry.   If you see your boat here and would like a full sized image, feel free to send me an email and identify the picture you would like a copy of (provide me with the filename of the picture in question) and I will email them back to you.  The originals are all 1600 X 1200 high resolution digital pictures.

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Photo's from Race Day!

Thumbnail Description
P1130002.JPG (31327 bytes) A dragon to win the hearts of all beleivers!
P1130003.JPG (43638 bytes) Dragons were popular this year!   This boat was designed and built by a team who designs corugated cardboard boxes and such.
P1130004.JPG (38840 bytes)
P1130007.JPG (42927 bytes)
The Merrimack Belle.  What can I say.  Ken Coleman and I did ourselves proud with this boat.  Not only did she perform well enough for 3rd place, last year, with a broken paddle, but she survived winter storage and with a repaired paddle, went on to take 1st place.
P1130006.JPG (32113 bytes) The Dread-Not boat built by my daughter (Jennifer) and son (Joe), also running her second year.  This boat is a business entry, sponsored by Harvey's Music on the Oval in Milford.  Jason (proprietor of Harvey's) was so impressed with its 1st place win last year (with Jen at the helm) that he decided that he wanted to captain her this year!
P1130011.JPG (43741 bytes) PT140-8, reminded me of McHale's Navy!  An enthusiastic crew awaits the charge to go to sea!
P1130012.JPG (32751 bytes) A flat top boat that turns in a fine time with a smooth cutting profile
P1130016.JPG (32024 bytes) A kayak, promising a swift cut through the water
P1130017.JPG (26528 bytes) Captain Kirk, to the bridge! Captain Kirk, to the bridge! ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS!  Man, you could almost HEAR the bells and whistles of the bridge going off in the background when you were near this unique boat
P1130018.JPG (34234 bytes) A family 3-fer, a new shark (we also had a shark last year and, i beleive, the year befor - and they just keep getting better and better!), a camoflaged boat and another kayak.
P1130019.JPG (44122 bytes) Dragons, dragons, everywhere!   A wonderful theme for cardboard boats!
P1130022.JPG (25607 bytes) Shoot, this thing would look perfect with a 500hp merc sitting on her tail!  A beautiful example of just how cleanly you can form cardboard into the shape you want!
P1130023.JPG (24963 bytes) No lobster shortage for this new england town, that's for sure!  Complete with lobster traps, bouyes and even lobster!
P1130024.JPG (26895 bytes) Ok, now for this one, tilt your head all the way around till it's upside down... There, now doesn't that look better??   This new crew had just finished painting their entry and had to keep it upside down till the paint dried.  Now that is cutting it to the last minute!
P1130025.JPG (29644 bytes) This is a.., well, it's a..., hmmm...

...it's a boat!  Big'un too!

P1130030.JPG (40273 bytes) Ya gotta love a good sense of humor!  This ACME boat, complete with Wile Cyote and a smokin' rocket was a sight to behold!
P1130031.JPG (35297 bytes) Another view of the lobster boat showing her lobster trap with a patriotic lobster caught!
P1130035.JPG (32999 bytes) Big and small, cardboard boats come in all sizes!
P1130036.JPG (40808 bytes) Another view of that family group of 3 boats showing the camo boat and the kayak again.
P1130037.JPG (41132 bytes) And here's a closeup view of the Shark with lunch nearly complete!
P1130038.JPG (40148 bytes) Battle ships of several sorts were also popular this year with this aircraft carrier
P1130039.JPG (41378 bytes) The boat of a magician waits for her time in the water!
P1130040.JPG (42042 bytes) Look!  Across the field!   It's a car!  It's a boat!  It's a car-boat!  Beautiful job too!

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