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Photo essay of the people at the 2001 Merrimack Library Cardboard Boat Festival!

Here are some final pictures showing the other activities that take place during our festival as well as of the people who attended the 2001 Cardboard Boat Festival.   All had a wonderful time!  Next year promises to be the best yet, so mark your calendars and plan on attending!

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If you see a picture that you would like a full sized image of, feel free to send me an email and identify the picture you would like a copy of (provide me with the filename of the picture in question) and I will email them back to you.  The originals are all 1600 X 1200 high resolution digital pictures.

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Photo's from Race Day!

Thumbnail Description
P1130026.JPG (32044 bytes) Plenty of food was to be had this year!
P1130027.JPG (40124 bytes) As well as drinks to cool you off on these warm September days!
P1130028.JPG (44930 bytes) The Merrimack Public Library book sale was a big success as it is every year!  Be sure to check it out in 2002!
P1130029.JPG (35298 bytes) We also had several tables full of raffle prizes donated by the many wonderful citizens and business that make up the Merrimack (and surrounding) communities!
P1130033.JPG (38876 bytes) Entertainment was provided by Recycled Percussion and their unique brand of percussion music.  Enjoyed by everyone, young and old!
P1130034.JPG (36227 bytes) Face painting is always a hit too, as can be seen here ("Disturbed"?, as his t-shirt says... no way! )
P1130041.JPG (34723 bytes) TV 50's Al Kaprelian helps us begin the days events!
P1130042.JPG (49500 bytes)
P1130044.JPG (32744 bytes)
We were also honored by the presents of the Merrimack Police Honor Gaurd
P1130043.JPG (43872 bytes) Race officials feverously work the registration table on this very busy day.
P1130046.JPG (41587 bytes) Spectators, young and old, watch the races with excitement!
P1130047.JPG (33098 bytes) The Honor Gaurd begins the race with a formal presentation
P1130048.JPG (40732 bytes) Everyone gets into the excitement, even the family pet!
P1130049.JPG (41504 bytes) Sand Castle building is always a fun event too!
P1130055.JPG (36255 bytes)
P1130059.JPG (46392 bytes)
More pictures of the crowded beach as spectators watch the races
P1130074.JPG (31530 bytes) Our own Carol Rivard (Merrimack Animal Control Officer) talks with Stan Heinrich (race offical)
P1130117.JPG (34934 bytes)
P1130120.JPG (38519 bytes)
Some final shots of the festival folks watching the excitement.

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Race Results, Festival 2001

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