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Big Red!
Merrimack Library Cardboard Boat Race!
Short photo essay of the 1999 Merrimack Library Cardboard boat Race..
Last update: 13-February-2000

1999 brought with it new adventures in cardboard creations for the annual Cardboard Boat race in Merrimack, New Hampshire.  What follows is a short photo tour of many of the boat entries, people and races that filled the day with laughter, enthusiasm and wonderful competition!  I encourage all Merrimack residents to participate in this event, even if just to cheer the crews on to exciting victories and even more exciting sinkings, and to support your library!

For those of you outside of Merrimack, see if your town offers such an event and if not, think about starting a Cardboard Boat race of your own, to benefit some worthwhile organization or committee in your town.    You'll be glad you did!

For those of you who were involved in our 1999 event, please look through these photos and provide me with any additional information about the photographs, events and people you see.  Details of who the crews were, who built/designed the boats and any other interesting details that you feel would make this album more enjoyable.  Email this information to me at jflis@hotmail.com and I will include it here. 

I don't provide as much detail as I would normally, but it's been a while since the event.  So, your help in filling in the blanks will be a great help!  Also, if you were involved in this event and wish a higher resolution copy of any photo, drop me a note as I have all of these pictures available in higher resolution.  You will notice that many of the photographs are rather dark.  That was the nature of the day which included bright sun and dark, contrasting shadows under the trees.

I had a great time meeting new people and old friends alike.  I'm very proud of my creation and excited to show it off, especially in the water!  I hope you enjoy this simple album and look forward to seeing many more people join us in 2000!


Boats on display:


People who made this happen, from organizers to participants:


And They're Off!


Big Red runs the course:
(Hey, if it sounds like I'm paying special attention to my entry, it's 'cuz I am... *S* The privilege of owning this site *S*)


Jim Flis and Big Red took the Merrimack Cup that day, earning him a name on the plaque at the Library. 

Final race results are located on the Merrimack Public Library Cardboard Boat Final Results page.

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Check out the construction details of Big Red

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