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Welcome to my Hiking page! We often take day hikes from home or our camping site.  We haven't got much experience with backpacking, but we hope to explore

White Moutains, New Hampshire
Click here for our 2005 visit to
Pittsburg, NH

blank_25x5.gif (824 bytes) such adventures in the near future.

Our day hikes can involve simple short hikes of 1 hour or less as well as much longer hikes that can cover an entire day and miles of trails and mountain streams.

Joey and Jennifer used to love going on these hikes with us.  While they often join us, even now, they have lost much of the desire.  I expect, though, that they will be glad that

they had these experiences as they get older.  Especially if they get married and have children of their own.

This area will contain information about some hikes that we've taken, photo's and journals.  Enjoy these pages and make a point of visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a hiking experience worth remembering!

Pemigewasette Trail to Franconia Falls
1998 Hike to Franconia Falls

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