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Good Toad's Tavern Home Page
Entry into my Hobbies main page
Model Rocketry page. Photo's, plans, designs, stories and personal activities & involvement
Comentary and photographs on astronomy and space
Some of my photo experiences
Photo's and descriptions of my unique pumpkin carvings
Ukranian egg decorating. some history and information and photos of some of my eggs (Egg carving is also discussed)
Model building. hints and tips. some photo's of models that I have built (dioramas, etc)
Tidbits about Star Trek and fun that I've had wrt the series. Also, prints that I have created of various ships
Some of my woodworking projects and plans
Samples of my poetry and views & feelings about other poetry
Entry into my Leisure Activities main page
The one that got away (and the one that didn't!) information about fishing (fly, surf, bait, etc), photo's and adventures
photos and stories about my hiking fun. information about hikes in New Hampshire and Up State New York
Canoeing the lakes and rivers of New Hampshire!
adventure, fun and photos from 2 trips to Alaska (mountain climbing, gold, King salmon, the Sound)
Entry into my Family page
My Wife, Son, Daughter and myself.
My 7 brothers and sisters, mom, dad and 3 step parents
My wifes mom and dad, brothers and sister.
A wonderful suprise, the discovery of family 'down-under'
Where would we be without friends.  Here, I celebrate those I hold dear
Entry into my Philosophy main page
My views and involvement in local, state and national politics
My views on religion.  What I beleive and what I do not.
It's a big place.  Some thoughts and theories as to what and why.  Where does it go from here?  Are we alone?
What is it, where is it, why is it?
Entry to my Web Laboratory main page (where I can experiement with new web technologies)
Creating words with attitude. FlyingFonts lets you have creative fun with little effort!
WYSIWYG for Dynamic HTML (DHTML), layers made easy!
Some fun with audio files and audio based presenting
Fun with Video presentations, mixing and modification
3D worlds to create and/or visit.
Animated gifs, AVI, DHTML, and any other form of web based animation
Use photo editors to get the most from your electronic pictures!
A detailed link list of places on the web associated with topics on this site
Links to websites on related hobbies
Links to websites on related leisure activities
Links to websites on related family issues and activities
Links to websites on related philosophical studies
Links to websites on related topics and tools including FAQ's and help areas
Links to websites created by me.
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