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This website was last updated on: Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I will be updating this website as often as my schedule allows.   This page will keep you abreast of updates that have occured over the last 3-4 updates, with the most recent updates near the top of the list.  In this way, I hope to be able to help you find the newest information that you are interested in seeing!

Coming Soon...

  • Really, honest, I swear... the photo's and activites from the 2000 Cardboard boat race will be posted soon!

Update of 07-March-2001

  • Model Rocketry! I have finally uploaded many of my favorite photographs from my many years of model rocketry fun!  Check out the photo albums and keep watch for further updates to this area!

Update of 27-September-2000

  • My 1997 Alaska Journal has been uploaded!  This journal details my day to day thoughts during a 5 week visit to Alaska with adventures including mountain climbing, gold mines, King and Red salmon fishing, commercial fishing, glacial cruises and SO much more. Be sure to check it out!

Update of 14-February-2000

Update of 29-November-1999

  • Added more pumpking pictures to my Hobbies:Pumpkins page, including all of my 1999 pumpkins from white water rafting to Jimi Hendrix as well as spiders and dragons! check it out!

Update of 20-August-1999

Update of 24-August-1998

Update of 15-August-1998

  • Franconia Falls hike under LEISURE:HIKING (see bottom of page for Franconia Falls hike.

Update of 26-May-1998

Update of 18-May-1998

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